Health Screening

Health Screening


At Ardennes Health, we offer standard and specialised health screening packages to suit the individual’s health needs. All packages include a personalised review session with our Doctor post-screening, where sound recommendation and next steps will be advised. As a member of Livingstone Health, should patients require further care, our network of specialists are also ready to help.

Basic Package


Our Basic Health Screening Package is suitable for those who want a brief snapshot of their current health status.

Premier Package


A step above our basic health screening package, the premier package provides more information and is suited for those who wish to know more about their health status.

Gold Package


Generally recommended for those above 40 years old, our Gold Health Screening Package is a comprehensive screening package that includes a myriad of tests including the option to individualize their imaging studies.

Platinum Package

From $888

Our Platinum Health Screening Package provides a holistic and thorough investigation that will leave no stone unturned.

Royal King Package


Our Royal King Health Screening Package is the top tier screening tool for the ultimate individual above 40 years of age.

Cardiology Screening Package


For those suffering from hypertension, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) and/or diabetes, or those with a strong family history of coronary heart disease, your cardiovascular health will be worked up thoroughly with our Cardiology Screening Package.

Pre-Marital Screening Package

From $298

Understand your genetic risks and health status prior to getting hitched, with our Pre-Marital Screening Package.

Well Women’s Health Screening Package

From $600

Only the ladies get it! Our Well Women’s Health Screening Package is a comprehensive screening suited for those 30 years old and above, specifically targeting women’s issues.



Mammograms help to detect early signs of breast diseases in women before signs and symptoms occur.

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