X-rays are commonly used to examine the bones, joints, and lungs of the body. They are a type of radiation that passes through the body and is fast, easy, and painless.

The most commonly performed diagnostic x-ray examination is the chest x-ray. Images produced during a chest x-ray are used to evaluate the lungs, heart, and chest wall, often helping to diagnose conditions like shortness of breath, persistent cough, fever, chest pain, or lung conditions such as pneumonia and certain lung cancers.

We also offer breast cancer screening (Mammogram) for the ladies. The chances of developing breast cancer increases with age, or if you have a family history of breast cancer. Regular mammograms are the most reliable way to detect breast cancer, even before any lumps can be felt. If you are aged 40-49, we recommend going for a mammogram at least once a year. If you are aged 50 and above, we recommend going for a mammogram once every 2 years.

No special preparation is required for an x-ray examination.

You may be asked to change into a gown and remove your body accessories and jewelry.

Note: For the ladies, do inform the x-ray technologist if you are pregnant or if there is a chance you may be pregnant. This is to avoid fetus exposure to radiation. 


Before Screening:
To avoid discomfort during the mammogram, arrange for your appointment to fall at least one week after the first day of your menstruation.

Day of Screening:
Wear a two-piece outfit as you will need to undress from the waist up.
Do not use any perfume, deodorant, powder or ointment on your underarms or breasts as this can affect image clarity.

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